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Directorate of Archives and Archaeology,
Ourem Road,
Mala, Panaji


Chapel of St. Xavier
Chapel of St. Xavier

In the area of the extinct College of St. Paul, stands the small traditional Chapel of St. Francis Xavier.

The Directorate of Archives & Archaeology is the oldest Archives in the country. Established on 25thFebruary, 1595 by the famous Historian Diogo do Couto, also its first Records Keeper, the Archives was named as “Torre do Tombo do Estado da India”. The oldest Portuguese record is of the year 1498. Currently the Goa Archives is designated as Directorate of Archives & Archaeology headed by Smt.Blossom Medeira.

It contains source material relating to the history of European expansion in Asia & Africa especially the rise, fall, and decay of the Portuguese sea-borne empire of India (1510-1961).


Access to records.

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