Services of the Department

  • Department provides Birth, Death, Baptism, Marriage, travel documents to the general public and to the research scholar (Please see Annexure ‘A’).
  • Department also holds Land records, Inventory files and Notarial records (Please see Annexure ‘B’).
  • Apart from the above-mentioned documents, there are Judicial records, Tribunal Military Territorial files, a collection of Modi Marathi documents are available for the general public and to the research scholars.
  • To make it simpler there is ‘Roteiro dos Arquivos da India Portuguesa’ by Dr. Pandurang S.S. Pissurlekar – a catalog of archival documents and a guide to the collections of records from Goa Archives by Dr. V. T. Gune

Following are the charges for the acquiring the documents from the Archives::

Sr. No.

Type of Services

Minimum Charges for Public records & Rate per Image

Minimum Charges for Research Scholars & Rate per Image







Digitally Processed  
Images on CD-ROMs


Rs. 25/-

Rs. 40/-


Digital Prints on Inkjet Paper, A4 size

Rs. 50/-




Photocopies (facility only available in the library)


Rs. 3/-

Rs. 6/-