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Chapel of St. Xavier
Chapel of St. Xavier

In the area of the extinct College of St. Paul, stands the small traditional Chapel of St. Francis Xavier.


The Unit, which is headed by Archivist (General), issues records/volumes/files required by the public/scholars in the research room/reading hall.

The Management 'A' Unit issues records/volumes/files required by public/scholars in the research room/reading hall. Application forms are available for use of the public/scholars. Necessary arrangements are made for photo duplication, digital copies of records on CD's which are requisitioned by the public/scholars. On an average 20,000 members of the public are rendered assistance during the year for the search of their records and necessary guidance is provided to them in response to their queries on Notorial Deeds, Orphanological Inventory proceedings and genealogical information. Around 80 scholars of whom at least 50% are foreigners avail the benefits of research facilities and on an average 21,000 record books are issued to them for search and research.

Application forms are available for use of the reading room.

Reference aids such as General Inventory "Roteiro", (Guide of Archives), Guide to Archives by Dr. V. T. Gune and various other lists are available for reference to scholars/public. New lists are being added to the existing ones so as to facilitate quick retrieval of records.