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Chapel of St. Xavier
Chapel of St. Xavier

In the area of the extinct College of St. Paul, stands the small traditional Chapel of St. Francis Xavier.


This Unit is headed by Archivist (Management).

The Management 'B' Unit surveys non-current records lying in various Government departments or record creating agencies, which are to be transferred to the Archives. The Section receives records as per properly authenticated Transfer List. The Section checks the received records as per Transfer List and discrepancies noted are pointed out in the Check List prepared in triplicate. The records are sorted, cleaned and labeled. The records are then accessioned and passed to Archivist (General) for servicing to the public. Inspection of records in different departments, courts etc as per Archival norms are being carried out from time to time. The Management 'B' Unit issues records to the Management 'A' Unit on requests of the public/scholars.

This Unit has acquired the records from Hon'ble Courts of Quepem, Bicholim, Ponda, Margao, Communidade Records of Margao etc.

This unit has started Computerization of Archival records. In Phase I, the Birth & Death Records of all elevan talukas for the period of 1914-1970 are digitied. The Records of Documentos Para Vaigem, Captain of Ports, Land Records are scanned and preserved from any further damge. At IPHB Building, Altinho, the Computerised Records of Documentos Para Vaigem and Captain of Ports are issued to public.