The Library has a rich collection of reference books in different disciplines like Indo-Portuguese History, Indian History, World History, Art, Architecture, Paintings, Archival Science, Archaeology, Library Science, Numismatics, Iconography, Epigraphy, Ethnography, Travel and Voyages, Religion, Encyclopedias, Official Boletim of Pre- Liberation period and Official Gazettes of Post Liberation period, Legislaçâo do Estado da India, Diario do Governo and other allied subjects. With its unique, rich, and rare Library holdings, our Library caters to the needs of scholars as well as research students in their research work. The Library has old Collections of approximately 30,000 books in Portuguese and other European languages and 11,500 books in the new collection in English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, and other languages. Rare books and new collections are exhibited during Archives Week Exhibition. The Library is headed by a Librarian.

The Uniqueness of the Library:-
1) Some of the books available in our Library Collections are distinctively rare and unique, which are not available in most of the other libraries. The earliest book available in our library is of the year 1697; entitled ‘Hostorie der Inquisitie tot’ Goa by Pieter Mortier.
Some other rare books available in our Collections are: -

i) The General history of the Mongol Empire, from its foundation by Tamerlane to the late Emperor Aurangzeb by F. F. Catrou of the year 1709.
ii) Historical Fragments of the Mogul empire of the Morattoes and of the English concerns in Indostan by Robert Orme of the year 1782.
iii) A historical and archaeological sketch of the city of Goa by Jose Nicolau de Fonseca of the year 1878.
iv) Cronica dos Vice-Reis E Governadores da India vol I, II, III of the year 1919.

2) Sanskrit manuscripts housed in a rare collection of Vamanrao Shivram Kundaikar.
Services Provided: -

The Library provides services like current awareness service, bibliography, circulation, reference and referral services, paper clipping, and reprographic services including photocopies, computer printouts, and xeroxing.